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5 Reasons Why Staying in a Bed and Breakfast is Seriously Cool

Staying in a bed and breakfast is a seriously cool thing to do when you are looking to get away. Whether you're looking for a quick weekend get-away, or a more home-like atmosphere when away from home, bed and breakfast inns are warm, welcoming alternatives to the common hotel/motel.

Here are 5 reason to choose to stay at a BnB:

1. Most times, the BnB is the innkeeper's home. You are a welcome guest staying in their home. The innkeepers love their inn and care for it with exceptional attention to detail, because they own it. Innkeepers want you to feel as though you are home without the daily duties to tend to. You get to relax and enjoy being pampered by people who are very glad you are visiting.

2. Bed and breakfasts are safe-havens for guests who are strangers to each other; you never know who you may meet! There are many reasons guests stay at an inn. For example, one weekend, we had a local writer staying with us to escape the day-to-day distractions at home and work on her novel, an out-of-town couple in town due to an ill loved one who lives in the area, and another couple staying with us as a surprise to the wife as an anniversary present from her husband. When you visit, understand that fellow guests' reasons for staying in the BnB may be very different from yours. If everyone is respectful and courteous, everyone will have a wonderful stay!

3. The breakfast at a BnB is one of the most wonderful aspects of the stay. Most inns have lovely dining rooms where all the guests are welcome to come together and "break bread." There is nothing more primal and intimate than sharing a delicious meal with people and learning about them through lively conversation. We've seen some amazing connections made during breakfast; it is the ultimate networking opportunity! Not a people person? Looking for a more private escape? Ask the innkeepers if they offer in-room dining. Most do!

4. Many of the BnB's are in older homes. Some inns are as old as a century or more; our inn was built in 1904. These are historic homes that are costly to maintain, so innkeepers subsidize their residence with guests. Guests are welcome to enjoy the beauty and history of these old homes without the responsibility of owning one. Some, like ours, have steam heat, older locks with real keys, high ceilings (some decorated with tin), gorgeous crown moldings and massive, solid wood pocket doors. These touches give the inn character and charm you won't find in modern construction.

5. My favorite reason why staying in a BnB is seriously cool is every BnB has its own personality that is influenced by the neighborhood, the age of the house, the house history and the other guests. Every experience will be different; every inn and every stay will be a unique experience. Staying at a BnB is like opening a box of chocolates; it will be chocked full of delicious surprises!

So, before booking a room at a hotel, check the area you are visiting for a locally owned and operated bed and breakfast. Once you've experienced the personal TLC of a BnB, you may never want to stay in a hotel again!

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