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Downtown Naperville, IL

Our Baby Grand Has Arrived

Hi, this is Debbie B.  When I was 12, I purchased my Grandfather's treasured 1935 Baby Grand Baldwin piano from my uncle.  I had just enough saved up baby sitting money to pay my uncle for the piano but needed to borrow money from my parents to have it moved from Atlanta, GA to St. Louis, MO.

The piano had moved with me numerous times over the years as I was growing up through adulthood - which showed on her ebony finish and soundboard.  Mark and I made the decision to have her restored to her original beauty to move her to the B & B and sit in a place of honor in the parlor.  We interviewed several piano restoration companies and finally selected one in Pennsylvania.  

Months have passed while the piano had her pieces and parts replaced and/or restored plus the restoration company added a new addition to her - an electronic piano player.  Her final phase of restoration - to lovingly add layer upon layer of coats of ebony finish to her cabinet case - was completed before July 4th.

On July 5th, our Baby Grand arrived at the Harrison House Bed & Breakfast and has been filling the parlor and dining rooms with resonating tones of sheer joy!  Her piano player can play almost any type of music genre.  I say:  "How fun to have guests choose what type of music and song they'd like to hear from an Apple iPad."  Right now, the Beatles' Let it Be plays melodiously in the background while I type these words to share with you.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes with music playing a larger part of our lives here at the Harrison House B & B.  Until next time, take care and have a great day!

Best to You and Yours,

Debbie B.

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