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Downtown Naperville, IL

How Many Steps Did You Do Today on Your Fitbit?

A Fitbit is today's great tool in giving someone feedback on how much (or little) physical activity he or she does in a day. My wonderful husband gave me one for my birthday last year.
Here's what I discovered from wearing my Fitbit:
1) Breakfast = 3,200 steps
Being an Innkeeper means I get to rise early to make breakfast. My Fitbit starts tracking the steps I take to the fridge, stove, cabinets, dining room, back to the stove (to flip the nitrate and nitrite free bacon), to the dining room, to the coffee pot, to the stove (to flip the bacon again), back to the fridge, counter, sink, stove (yep...the bacon flipping), dining room, etc. 
2) Laundry = 40 actual steps (900+ arm movements)
The laundry area is small and tight. I do a lot of bending, loading, and folding.  I never feel disheartened that I am not getting enough steps in during this part of Innkeeping.  After all, a gal (or guy) needs to also work the upper body too, right?
3) Freshening and Turning Rooms = 8,500 steps
Why so many steps you ask?  Well, this is a 2- to 5-hour process involving constant movement to do 1 to 6 Guest Rooms - with their adjoining bathrooms - cleaned and disinfected, floors vacuumed, bed linens replaced, furniture dusted, trash emptied and bath amenities replaced. Since most of the guest rooms are on the 2nd floor actual stair steps come into play here.
4) Marketing = <4,900 steps
It is awesome to be able to walk to nearby retail stores, restaurants, churches, schools and government offices in an ongoing effort of promoting the Harrison House Bed & Breakfast as a place to stay and host special events.
5) Dinner = 90 to 2,000 steps
If I still have enough (a) physical energy AND (b) dinner food in the house, I only have to expend a maximum of 90 steps to prepare dinner and set the table. However, if I don't have both (a) and (b), then (c) happens where we walk to a downtown Naperville restaurant (depending on which restaurant, it can be anywhere from 2 to 8 blocks) and back to the B&B.

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