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Downtown Naperville, IL

Blast From the Past!

Long live the Mickenbecker's descendants!  

This past summer the descendants of the original owners of the home that is now known as the Harrison House Bed & Breakfast at 26 North Eagle Street, came to stay in a couple of the guest rooms. Which descendants? It was the granddaughter of the original owners, Kathy, and Kathy's daughters April and Chris (the great granddaughters) and Chris' daughter Courtney (the great, great granddaughter). That is sure a lot of greats, isn't it?  

It was so exciting to learn more about the past history of the beautiful late Victorian house located in the heart of Downtown Naperville. Getting to know the lovely and talented Mickenbecker descendants was even more exciting to me.

Henry and Amelia Mickenbecker were engaged in 1904 in Naperville, Illinois.  At the start of their engagement, Henry consigned to have the 2-story, post-Victorian house built in downtown Naperville, at the corner of Eagle Street and Franklin Avenue.  Once they were married in June 1905, they moved into their newly-constructed house and made it their home. They had and raised 8 children together.  

To quote Marcus Garvey:

"A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."

Photo: from left to right, Maddie (great, great granddaughter who lives in the area), Chris & Courtney (great granddaughter and great, great, granddaughter), Kathy (granddaughter), and April Leo (great granddaughter).

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