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The basics of good nutrition 

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What does a person need for a happy, carefree, bright and long life? Health, of course. In Europe, people in retirement only become more active, now they have free time to travel, and they quietly enjoy life. But how can they enjoy it if their health is not good anymore? If their general condition is so bad that they don't want anything in life.

And in order not to lose their health, they must follow the requirements of a healthy lifestyle: their diet should include healthy foods, and every day they must allocate time for physical activity.

In a world of constant stress, a person finds solace and pleasure in тестировщик курсы, but it is not always truly delicious. Because of the many sweeteners and flavor enhancers that are added to all foods, people have forgotten what simple, but delicious, food is.

All food that is man-made and not created by nature cannot be healthy. All sorts of chips, sugar water, crisps, instant noodles in general can hardly be called food. They consist of solid chemicals, and no food in them.

In a bad mood, you always want to indulge yourself sweet. This is a natural desire, it's a person since childhood, because the mother's milk - sweet to the taste. But all those sweets consumed in adulthood are incomparable to mother's milk.

They contain so much sugar that, with low physical activity, it can easily be deposited in the fatty tissues. And obesity is a sure path to type 2 diabetes. The shocking fact is that this disease is already becoming pediatric as well, since obesity in children is no longer uncommon.

For an adequate varied healthy diet, a person needs to eat fruits, something dairy or meat, vegetables and cereal products.

Fruits and vegetables are sources of vitamins, and they can provide the intestines with normal peristalsis. Meat and dairy products fill the body with protein. And grain products are a good source of carbohydrates, which will saturate a person with energy.

It is important not to forget to drink water, the norm for a person is two liters a day. It is better to drink plain water, not boiled. Because a person by drinking tea or sweet water will only add more work to his organism. After all, the digestive organs will still have to turn these drinks into water.

The following article discusses specific suggestions on how to distribute the intake of healthy foods during the day.

Proper nutrition: menu

Before breakfast, you can drink a glass of water in a volley, with the addition of a spoonful of honey - this will clear and make the digestive organs work.

The best breakfast is porridge, you can make them with water or milk, then add dried fruit and butter. Or you can make an omelet with vegetables.

For lunch it is good to eat fruit - bananas, oranges, apples, nectarines.

A side dish with meat or borscht, soup is ideal for lunch. You can bake vegetables in the oven, make steamed cutlets. Eat one thing, either a first course or a second course.

Afternoon snack can consist of cottage cheese with fruit, or only fruit.

Dinner should be light, and most importantly, not late. If you do not like dairy products for afternoon snack, then a glass of ryazhenka, kefir or yogurt before going to bed is a great option. You can also have porridge for dinner, or just drink tea with honey if you are too late at home.

If you want to feel healthy, active and vigorous for many, many years to come, do not neglect such tips as eating healthy food and exercising every day.


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